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What Would a Caregiver Do for Me?

When adult children are concerned about their aging parents’ ability to safely remain at home and they attempt to approach this subject, they are often met with resistance. They end up negotiating with their parents hoping to convince them to accept a caregiver in their home. One of the questions they are faced with is, “What would a caregiver do for me?”

Concerns You May Have About Your Aging Parents

Some concerns may stem from parents:

  • not taking their medications correctly
  • not bathing frequently enough
  • not eating properly
  • no longer wanting to go places and becoming unnecessarily sedentary
  • falling
  • missing doctor appointments
  • being confused about details they previously were able to manage
  • showing signs of forgetfulness that negatively impact their safety

If you are experiencing these concerns, we can help your parents and restore your peace of mind. Utilizing in-home care services can address each of your concerns while helping your parents maintain their independence at home.

Talk to Your Aging Parent About Receiving Care

Convincing a parent to accept help isn’t easy. Even when you offer specific examples of what caregivers do, they may not be able to imagine how it would work. Finding the source of their resistance can be helpful. Is it a financial concern? Is it a privacy concern? Is it a sense of losing their independence? Do they worry the next step is being placed in a nursing home? Knowing where their resistance comes from may not solve the issue, but it will help you provide information we can use to specifically address and alleviate their concerns.

By reassuring them they can try in-home care as a solution and that they may only need it for a while, we can help them see in-home care as an option. It’s important to point out that when compared to other options like downsizing their home or moving into a facility, in-home care may have the least impact on their independence. The support of a licensed home health agency providing in-home caregivers will help your parents safely remain at home with a sense of independence and control.

What to Do Next?

If you are already wondering if help is needed, you are most likely correct. Accept our encouragement to give us a try. Trust that our experienced staff will identify ways to help your family. We will relieve your stress and you will wonder why you didn’t call us sooner!

definition of agile

A trusted and reliable resource supporting your independence at home.

In-home care can be provided in many ways to meet a variety of needs. At Agile, we focus on you. We can be with you for a few hours at a time on an occasional basis, 24 hours a day, or anything in between. Our staff assists with activities of daily living such as meal preparation, laundry, reminders, transportation to appointments, assistance with bathing and dressing, and more.

Licensed for Pinellas and Pasco Counties
Contact Us: 727-400-3545